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mistress kawaii  my farts burps and spit is all you deserve hd

mistress kawaii my farts burps and spit is all you deserve hd

You-re just a pathetic loser sitting around fantisizing about me farting in your face, breathing in every time I burp in your face and when you get thirsty, all you want is to drink my tasty spit. You know that-s really all you deserve. You don-t get real pussy and being my slave is the closest you-ll ever get to me. You worship my perfection and love everything that comes out of my body. My farts smell so good, you just want to sniff every one. Especially after I eat food that makes me really gassy. When I drink soda, I just rip the biggest and loudest burps right in your face. If I hapen to have excess spit in my mouth I never spit on the ground. I sit right in your mouth and you-ll drink it all. This is your life as my slave. I use you for all my bodily waste..I know you wish you drink and eat other things from my body but you must first prove you can be a good and obedient slave. Now open your mouth...I need to spit.-nbsp---nbsp-

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