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Farting  -  On Public Toilet Kelsey Obsession

Farting - On Public Toilet Kelsey Obsession

Just a regular day, out running errands, when I got a massive gas attack. I couldn-t wait to get home so I stopped at the nearest gas station to let it fly. I-m wearing a black tank top and jean shorts, and I pull them down to sit on the toilet. My tummy hurts and I-m straining to push that stinky air out of my asshole- but some of it comes up the other direction! Buuuurp. All that pushing makes me p-e-e too.

Kelsey Obsession 13 Fartfantasy

Kelsey Obsession 13 Fartfantasy

Little blonde Kelsey has so much gas today! She-s wearing a see-thru mesh dress, which she pulls up to plant her sexy ass in the fart chair! She immediately starts blasting gas in your face, and tells you how nasty you are for liking girls- farts! Youc an see her little pink asshole open as she blasts your face full of farts - YIKES! Then she burps. The camera swings down under her ass and she unleashes a barrage of farts in your face! What a nice, long clip by Kelsey - treat yourself to her all of her awesome farts right now!rnrn

Farting  -  Farting In Jeans On The Couch Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Farting In Jeans On The Couch Kelsey Obsession

I start to get that dreaded stomach grumble as I-m relaxing on the sofa. That grumble can only mean one thing- I-m gonna have to fart! After I let one loud rumbling fart loose, I realize that this is only the beginning! I-m so glad I-m alone in the house, because my gas smells horrible, and it-s so loud! That-s what I get for eating Mexican food, and now I-m paying for it alright! I can smell my nasty farts through my jeans, so I know they-re really bad- but my stomach hurts, and I can-t stop letting them loose. My smelly farts are just pushing their way out, one after the other, and there-s nothing I can do to stop them! Contains: Girls Farting, Burping, Couch, jeans Fetish, Ass Fetish, Smell Fetish, Pink Bra, Blonde, Petite

Farting  -  Tripod Bed Panties Naked Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Tripod Bed Panties Naked Kelsey Obsession

You-re a dirty boy who wants to see me fart, aren-t you? I bend my ass over to fart for you, wearing green, pink and blue panties. I know you want to see my bare asshole, so I tease you by pulling my panties up my butt crack. Then I turn to my side, shedding my panties to throw them in your face (but not without smelling them first!). I wiggle around on the bed, working out that gas - farts and a few burps too. I feel my asshole is wet with lube, so I rub it and smell it on my fingers. Bet you wish you could taste it, huh?

Farting  -  Strawberry Pie Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Strawberry Pie Kelsey Obsession

-FAN SUBMISSION- In this clip I-m farting in a strawberry pie, made all the more delicious after I fart in it. I start off with a big belch, then climb on top of the table to sit my ass down into the pie. I smash my ass down into the pie, blasting out some rumbly toots. I then I lift my sexy ass to show you the whipped cream on my butthole. I get up on my knees and spread my butt hole while I fart whipped cream girl farts in your face. I lick whipped cream off my fingers and offer you some pie right off my smelly asshole.

Farting  -  Farting And Burping In Black Thong And Fishnets Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Farting And Burping In Black Thong And Fishnets Kelsey Obsession

Buffet farts and burps! I had a HUGE meal earlier and ate almost everything the buffet had to offer, and now I-m paying for it. Wearing black thong panties and black fishnets, I let you watch me in this fart porn clip, working out the gas from both ends. Burps and farts and burps and girl farts... until I realize I need a trip to the bathroom!

Farting  -  Fart Chair In Pink Shorts Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Fart Chair In Pink Shorts Kelsey Obsession

Just back from eating - a sandwich and peach cobbler with ice cream. That dairy has got me bloated, I-ve gotta be lactose intolerant. Lucky you, it gives me more ammo for this girls farting fart porn clip. I pull off my pink shorts, so I-m left in a white tank top and knee socks. I pull my ass cheeks wide open to sit on my fart chair. I push that nasty gas out of my belly, with stinky farts and a few burps. As I-m about done with my session, I blast out one last fart and a glob of ass goop drips from my hole. If you like dirty buttholes and fart porn, this clip is for you!

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