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Farting  -  On Public Toilet Kelsey Obsession

Farting - On Public Toilet Kelsey Obsession

Just a regular day, out running errands, when I got a massive gas attack. I couldn-t wait to get home so I stopped at the nearest gas station to let it fly. I-m wearing a black tank top and jean shorts, and I pull them down to sit on the toilet. My tummy hurts and I-m straining to push that stinky air out of my asshole- but some of it comes up the other direction! Buuuurp. All that pushing makes me p-e-e too.

Nikki Ford 5 Fartfantasy

Nikki Ford 5 Fartfantasy

Nikki Ford is out to fulfill your fantasy of seeing an ebony beauty bathing in her own farts! Nikki thought she-d take a nice, relaxing bath after supper but the Mexican meal is catching up with her. Following a nice burp to get things going, she sets the water bubbling with her glorious flatulence! As she bubbles the water into a rancid stew, Nikki lowers her tattooed booty delicately into it and sets it churning with her gas again and again!

Farting  -  Farting In Jeans On The Couch Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Farting In Jeans On The Couch Kelsey Obsession

I start to get that dreaded stomach grumble as I-m relaxing on the sofa. That grumble can only mean one thing- I-m gonna have to fart! After I let one loud rumbling fart loose, I realize that this is only the beginning! I-m so glad I-m alone in the house, because my gas smells horrible, and it-s so loud! That-s what I get for eating Mexican food, and now I-m paying for it alright! I can smell my nasty farts through my jeans, so I know they-re really bad- but my stomach hurts, and I can-t stop letting them loose. My smelly farts are just pushing their way out, one after the other, and there-s nothing I can do to stop them! Contains: Girls Farting, Burping, Couch, jeans Fetish, Ass Fetish, Smell Fetish, Pink Bra, Blonde, Petite

Farting  -  Tripod Bed Panties Naked Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Tripod Bed Panties Naked Kelsey Obsession

You-re a dirty boy who wants to see me fart, aren-t you? I bend my ass over to fart for you, wearing green, pink and blue panties. I know you want to see my bare asshole, so I tease you by pulling my panties up my butt crack. Then I turn to my side, shedding my panties to throw them in your face (but not without smelling them first!). I wiggle around on the bed, working out that gas - farts and a few burps too. I feel my asshole is wet with lube, so I rub it and smell it on my fingers. Bet you wish you could taste it, huh?

Farting  -  Strawberry Pie Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Strawberry Pie Kelsey Obsession

-FAN SUBMISSION- In this clip I-m farting in a strawberry pie, made all the more delicious after I fart in it. I start off with a big belch, then climb on top of the table to sit my ass down into the pie. I smash my ass down into the pie, blasting out some rumbly toots. I then I lift my sexy ass to show you the whipped cream on my butthole. I get up on my knees and spread my butt hole while I fart whipped cream girl farts in your face. I lick whipped cream off my fingers and offer you some pie right off my smelly asshole.

Farting  -  Farting And Burping In Black Thong And Fishnets Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Farting And Burping In Black Thong And Fishnets Kelsey Obsession

Buffet farts and burps! I had a HUGE meal earlier and ate almost everything the buffet had to offer, and now I-m paying for it. Wearing black thong panties and black fishnets, I let you watch me in this fart porn clip, working out the gas from both ends. Burps and farts and burps and girl farts... until I realize I need a trip to the bathroom!

Farting  -  Fart Chair In Pink Shorts Kelsey Obsession

Farting - Fart Chair In Pink Shorts Kelsey Obsession

Just back from eating - a sandwich and peach cobbler with ice cream. That dairy has got me bloated, I-ve gotta be lactose intolerant. Lucky you, it gives me more ammo for this girls farting fart porn clip. I pull off my pink shorts, so I-m left in a white tank top and knee socks. I pull my ass cheeks wide open to sit on my fart chair. I push that nasty gas out of my belly, with stinky farts and a few burps. As I-m about done with my session, I blast out one last fart and a glob of ass goop drips from my hole. If you like dirty buttholes and fart porn, this clip is for you!

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