Bloated Belly Fart Fest Daphney Sugar Rose

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*** All the farts in this video are real and authentic*** My Belly is so bloated today! I dont know what im going to do to get this belly of mine to deflate...Just when i think my situation is hopeless, i let out a big fart and it feels so good! Maybe i can just keep farting until my bloated belly is cute and flat again. First i push my belly until a giant loud fart comes out, then i try hopping, doing squats and booty shaking to get more out. I am very pleased with my success, i even get one burp out too! Eventually i realize i have been farting my cute cotton panties off right in front of you, and you are still here! I let you know what a good friend you are, and even suggest we try dating since you can put up with my gassy ass. Much to my surprise, not only do you agree to a date, but you actually like my farts. To make sure you really really like my farts, i give you a nice close up, in your face, bare ass fart. After that, if you are truly a fart fan like you say, you may just fall in love with me!